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Vocational Adjustment Training

 WorkReady Vocational Adjustment Training (VAT) is a work readiness service that prepares high school students with disabilities for competitive integrated employment. The service provides practical classroom instruction and activities that educate participants in work related topics that are necessary for employment. 


  • Full school year or one semester of VAT classroom instruction in the high school taught by a credentialed WorkReady Vocational Adjustment Instructor.

  • Each VAT class will have six students.

  • Six teaching modules totaling 110 hours.

  • Classroom instruction will be two to five times a week depending on how long each class period is.

  • Classroom time will be approximately 1.0-1.5 hours a day each class.


  • Explore the “You” in Work (10 hours)

  • Soft Skills to Pay your Bills (20 hours))

  • Entering the World of Work (10 hours)

  • Job Search Training (20 hours)

  • Disability Disclosure (20 hours)

  • Money Smart (30 hours)


WorkReady VAT instructors implement our curriculum and activities using various instructional approaches, such as:

  • discussions;

  • PowerPoint presentations;

  • inquiry-based instructions;

  • hands-on experiments;

  • project- and problem-based learning;

  • computer-aided instructions;

  • handouts;

  • exercises;

  • journaling activities; and

  • extension activities.

Journaling activities allow customers to gain insight into their thoughts, feelings, and opinions about the content being taught and to identify skills to improve their success.

Extension activities reinforce skills and knowledge learned in the core activities offered in the service. Examples of extension activities include field trips, guest speakers, and videos that are not required in the core curriculum.

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